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We have come to treat plastic surgery like any other beauty treatment, which is odd, considering how different a wax and a manicure is to, say, a face lift. But the taboos surrounding such treatments are gradually being lifted, mainly due to the fact that technology has developed so much that a face lift no longer leaves you looking like you're stood in a wind tunnel. Plus with the creation of products like botox and Juvederm offering non surgical solutions to the aging problem, the idea of changing one's appearance is not so daunting.

For some, including me, even the talk of a needle sends a shiver down the spine, never mind the thought of invasive surgery, but Spire Methley Park hospital's respected surgeon Le Roux Fourie is on hand to put our minds at rest. The hospital is holding a series of open evenings aimed to enlighten us on the procedures we want but never dare to have - the first of which focuses on facial surgery.

For someone who cringes at the thought of entering a hospital, being asked to visit Methley Park was not an opportunity that I initially jumped at, but the hospital feels more like a spa than a surgery. Greeted with wine and canapés I quickly settled in. The evening was led by Fourie's presentation which was both interesting and informative without the gory details. He delicately explained all the different procedures available, from eyebrow lifts to mini or full face lifts, while demonstrating the importance of visiting a qualified practitioner should you wish to undergo any treatment, even botox.

It's interesting to learn that any qualified nurse is eligible to administer this procedure, although from the pictures of misshapen faces, they probably shouldn't. Although comical to see, we all learn the importance of doing things right. Fourie has a great sense of humour which puts guests at ease. Not at any point did I feel I was being pushed to sign up for any type of surgery - rather, the whole aim of the evening was to inform and enlighten.

After the presentation, Fourie and his team of nurses were on hand to offer private consultations and answer any questions. Fourie considers surgery to be a deeply personal and private matter, and not something to discuss openly during the presentation.

Glasses were filled during the consultation while business development manager, James Kendall, explained the facilities available at Methley Park and therapists from Oulton Hall were on hand to provide all guests with refreshing facials. Imagine that - a luxury break at an expensive hotel, except you leave looking 10 years younger!

For more information and dates of open evenings visit /open-events

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